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My name is Grace Christenson and I am a sophomore at UMW. I’m double majoring in Business and History but I’m not entirely sure what I’l be doing with those degrees yet! My hometown is currently Newport, RI, but since my dad is in the Navy, that will probably change soon. Living in on the Naval Station in Newport gave the the opportunity to work as an intern in the curator’s office at the Naval War College Museum this summer- the perfect job for a history major. One of the many jobs I had while working at the museum was to research information to be used on labels for exhibits displayed at the museum. I used mainly primary sources, such as newspapers and old War College course manuals, to complete this work.  I’m very excited to use the skills I acquired working at the museum, as well as what I have learned from other courses here at UMW to research the lives of Mary Washington College students of the 1940s. I can’t wait to see what I will learn about the Eagles who were here before me!

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