How to Recreate the ’50s

What class/discipline should we re-create?

Since this is a history class, I think recreating a history class would be a good idea. Not only would it keep our class more interested in general, but it would also allow us to actually have a class that we could actively participate in. Apart from this, having a class in Monroe would also be fun for our class

– What sources will we use?

The 1950s group did a great job with all of their research, their website will obviously be one of the best sources we can use. From looking at their site, I saw that they used most of the resources my group (the 1940s) used, like the Bullet, course catalogues, and student handbooks.

– How will we work in non-academic material?

I think the best way to do this would be to do what Dr. McClurken does at the beginning of our classes today: ask the class what they did over the weekend/ what their plans are for the week. Maybe there could be a dance or other social event coming up, or a new rule or privilege could have just been introduced.  A short discussion at the beginning of class of the world outside academics would be a great way to give a little authenticity to the class and also work in the elements that are not purely academic.

– Material aspects (clothes? books?)

There are a lot of sources in the archives that would be great to use. We would of course have to be very careful with some of the older materials we use, but if we could have access to them, I think it would help the project enormously. As for clothes, Dr. McClurken has said that the UMW costumer is very excited at the prospect of dressing our class up for this event and I think it would be great if he could! Did they wear the freshman beanies back then?