Interview with Dr. Vivian Wilkerson

Basic Questions:

What year did you graduate from Mary Washington College?  1946

What was your major? Science and Commerce

Why did you decide to attend MWC? I lived in Richmond and my father worked for the railroad, so I had free transportation.  It was during WW2 so gas was scarse and money too!

Pertaining to your classroom experiences:

What was one of your favorite classes and why? Biology.  It sparked my interest in medicine.

Can you recall one of your more difficult classes? Why was this class so hard? Math.  I never liked math and still don`t.

Who was one of your favorite professors and why?  Dr. Iltis explained Science well and seemed interested in his pupils.

What can you recall of the importance placed on the “Honor Code” in the classroom? I was not aware of anybody cheating.

What was the final exam process like? Scary!!

Overall, what was one of your most memorable classroom experiences during your time at MWC? As part of my time in a Health class, I went downtown to a physician`s office to observe how he saw patients.

Pertaining to World War II:

If so, how did if effect life at MWC?  The food included powdered eggs ,They bussed in Marines from Quantico for our dances.

Were you at all involved in the campaigns to collect war bonds for the war effort?  Yes.  I still have some War Stamps which were collected until you had enough to buy a bond.

Were course curriculums at all altered to meet specific needs for the war? Not that I am aware of.

Did any of your professors or fellow students leave to become soldiers, nurses, ect.? No