A Very Interesting Find

Are you an Isolationist?

Looking through the Bullet has been one of the most fascinating parts of this project. In my group, I was assigned to look at the Bullets from 1945.  However looking through the old papers of MWC students past was so interesting, that I took advantage of this opportunity and looked into some of the older papers back in 1941. One of the articles I found was just too interesting not to share.

This article was published on Friday, December 5, 1941 and was titled Are You an Isolationist? The timing of the publishing of this article was very ironic. The editorial detailed an idea that MWC students were all isolationist by nature, simply because of the fact that they were so sheltered by life at the college. There is no way these students could have known that just two days later, that weekend in fact, the entire country would be thrown head first into World War II. They would never have guessed that in the years that would follow their school paper would be printing advertisements for war bonds and describing the efforts of MWC students to help the war on the home front.

All the research I have done for this project has made it clear that the war had a tremendous effect on the women of MWC, and would certainly have effected life in the classroom, and it all began just two days after this article was published. [1]

[1] “Are you an Isolationist?” The Bullet  (Fredericksburg), December 5, 1941.