What Our Group Site Will Look Like

After talking with our full group on Thursday, we came up with some pretty good ideas on how to create our group website.

We will have several different “pages,” each dedicated to a different area of our studies. One will be on the classroom experience, one will focus on the effect of WWII in the classroom, another will have a “Then & Now” segment where we will take a look at how MWC has changed into UMW, and finally we will have on that is dedicated to our interviews.

We also discussed making some kind of slideshow to help showcase the many fascinating images and other pictures we have found or taken during the course of our research.

Our overall aim is to make this a unique site that will not only give direct information on the classroom experience, but also provide background information on things that may have more indirectly affect life in a MWC classroom.

…and of course we want our decade to be picked for the actual recreation in April 🙂

Just a little preview of what our website will look like!