Preview to an Interview with a MWC Graduate

Happy Valentines Day!

This week I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to ask Dr. Vivian Wilkerson, a graduate of Mary Washington College in the 1940s, a few questions, pertaining to life at MWC during her time there. This interview will certainly be one of the most important parts of this project and I am very excited to hear her responses.  I do not have her answers ready in time to post for this week’s blog, so for today, I will just post the questions I have sent to her.

Some MWC students from the 1940s with Dr. Combs

Basic Questions:

What year did you graduate from Mary Washington College?

What was your major?

Why did you decide to attend MWC?

Pertaining to your classroom experiences:

What was one of your favorite classes and why?

Can you recall one of your more difficult classes? Why was this class so hard?

Who was one of your favorite professors and why?

Were you required to dress in a certain way when you attended class?

What was the policy on tardiness and/or missing class?

What can you recall of the importance placed on the “Honor Code” in the classroom?

Overall, what was one of your most memorable classroom experiences during your time at MWC?

Pertaining to World War II:

Were you at MWC during World War II?

If so, how did it effect life at MWC?

Were you at all involved in the campaigns to collect war bonds for the war effort?

Were course curriculums at all altered to meet specific needs for the war?

Did any of your professors or fellow students leave to become soldiers, nurses, ect.?

More MWC students